Monday, June 24, 2013

Mad Men 6.13 "In Care Of"

<p>Jon Hamm as Don Draper in the "Mad Men" season finale.</p>
Every now and then, and especially now that I'm on summer break, I feel the need to throw my voice in the overcrowded ring of critics and reviewers and recapers and tweeters. Because really, this episode was too packed, too full, too ripe not to be bitten into, chewed, and passed around.

My viewing party consisted of five women and after the episode aired, we sat together and talked about the episode for an hour. Sure there were lots of mutterings of "Poor Sally" and "Poor Peggy" but in the end, I'd say this week was a triumph and a huge step forward for the women of the show. Even Pete's mother ended up someplace she loved.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Parks and Recreation Reviews 5.17 - 5.22

Leslie's Anniversary
Take a look at all of my Parks and Recreation reviews right here, including what will hopefully not be the season finale! The most recent is first. 

5.2.13 Season finale "Are You Better Off?" review

4.26.13 "Swing Vote" review

4.18.13 (aired on the same night) "Article Two" and "Jerry's Scrapbook" review

My personal favorite because Ron visits a doctor: 4.11.13 "Animal Control" review

4.4.13  "Partridge" review

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Girls 2.10 "Together"

Girls Season 2 Finale PicIn my first review of Girls on TVfanatic, I really wanted to express just how much about this series that I love.

Unfortunately, the finale didn't give me much to work with. (UPDATE-My review on TVFanatic was cut WAY down for length, so if you want the longer, more detailed version, read after the cut.

My shorter, edited review on tonight's episode, "Together":

Girls review "Together"

My unedited, longer thoughts here, after the break:

Parks and Recreation 5.16 "Bailout"

Keep the VideoHere's my review of Parks and Recreation's "Bailout." Everything April and Ron is wonderful. And we get to see Leslie's porn star alter ego. So what could be better?

Parks and Rec review "Bailout"

Monday, March 4, 2013

Parks and Recreation 5.13-5.15

Leslie's SpeechHere's my Parks and Recreation review for "Leslie and Ben" and "Correspondent's Lunch" which is combined in one review because they aired back to back:

Parks and Rec review "Leslie and Ben"/"Correspondent's Lunch"

And here's my review for "Emergency Response" from the week before which had some of the best Swansonisms I've ever heard:

Parks and Rec review "Emergency Response"

Monday, February 11, 2013

Girls 2.5 "One Man's Trash"

<p>Lena Dunham as Hannah in "Girls."</p>
I can't help myself. Just as basketball players, radio talk show hosts, and every other human on the planet has an opinion about Girls, so do I. But I have a rather Hannah-esque perspective since I feel that mine counts so much more because the scale to which this show reflects my own personal life has reached a new height.